There’s so much to learn, it can be overwhelming. But these hand-picked lessons and videos will set you on the right track.

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All Of us Can

Share The news

The stories of three unlikely “evangelists” can inspire us to find our voice and speak the Word.

Calling the Thirsty

to come Freely Drink

A series to help the church invite!

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Introducing the Theme

Ring It Out!

Catch the song and spread the gospel!

Concluding the Theme

Next Steps

Some practical training on how to engage with people and pray for the lost.

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Conquer Fear

Through Faith

What’s behind our anxiety in evangelism? Peter’s charge to give an answer for our hope has more to say about faith and fear than you may realize.


Lessons from a

Our quest for truth seekers can feel daunting. But Philip and the Eunuch show us that while it’s not always easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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We search the Scriptures to discern the truth and let it shape our thinking.
Does what we believe and teach matter?
What is God's name and why do we need to know it? If you've ever felt your problems were too much or the task before you was were too big, remember the name.
Who is fit for Jesus' salvation? Will the Lord receive a sinner like me?
What can we learn about salvation and evangelism from two men God brought together on a desert road?
A brief introduction to the most important book you'll ever read.

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